Protection Now – Potential Benefits For Future Needs

Indexed Universal Life

The traditional approach to buying life insurance, such as term life insurance, is to buy the most life insurance with the least amount of premium.  While this approach can be efficient to provide death benefit protection it tends to be very inefficient in delivering living benefits such as liquidity, cash value accumulation and supplemental tax free income.  Our approach completely turns the traditional approach upside down by focusing more on the living benefits and less on death benefit protection.

Death Benefit

  • can help loved ones maintain their standard of living
  • generally tax free distribution to beneficiaries
  • chronic illness accelerated death benefits rider
  • terminal illness accelerated death benefit rider

Accumulation Potential

  • the policy has the potential to build accumulation value
  • via fixed interest, indexed interest or a combination of both
  • growth is tax deferred

Retirement Income

  • allows you to access any available cash value that’s accumulated in your policy
  • obtaining available funds via loans allows you to receive funds tax free
  • great fit for individuals who are currently maxing out their retirement plans