Employee Benefit Portal – HRconnection

Employee Benefits Portal

Enrolling new employees and conducting annual open enrollment can be an administrative burden.  Suchanek Partners offers a solution that will help your employees with more resources and education.  Our HRconnection enrollment platform allows you to:

  • Offer a secure new hire and open enrollment benefit election portal
  • Employees can elect or waive benefits
  • Employees feel confident and informed about their benefit elections with 24/7/365 access including a benefit election summary
  • Compliance documents
  • HRconnection reduces error, missed tasks and redundant work

At Suchanek Partners we offer a robust Employee Benefit Portal at NO COST to our clients.

Streamline Onboarding &
Automate Task Management

Paperless and Painless

Meet Millie!  Our virtual assistant, Millie, walks employees through each step of the onboarding process, making the experience intuitive and interactive for users.   New Hire Onboarding: Employees complete forms online, making the process painless and paperless.

  • Forms W-4 and I-9
  • New Hire documentation (customized to your company)
  • Direct Deposit Forms

HR Task Management:  Employees are prompted to complete task online, making HR workflows effortless and electronic.

  • Office equipment setup
  • Policy acknowledgement
  • Performance Reviews

HR Hotline

Suchanek Partners HR Hotline – For On-Demand Answers

What is the HR Hotline?  The HR Hotline is a service staffed by HR professionals, available by phone or email, to answer your HR related questions.  When you become a client of Suchanek Partners you will have access to this service at no charge.

What can clients ask about?

  • Employee benefits
  • Leaves of absence
  • Federal compliance
  • State employment law
  • Wage and hour issues
  • Discipline and terminations
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Employee relations
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Investigations
  • Performance management